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Design For Good Not Evil

We create brands that make people smile, laugh, swoon, and occasionally roll their eyes.

Our comprehensive approach to branding lies in the narrow overlap between understated and expressive, history and modernity, practicality and absurdity. We focus on creating sustainable design and steer clear of Littering Larrys, Debbie Downers, Negative Nancies, and almost any antagonistic attribute we can admonish with amusingly annoying alliteration.


Sustainable Graphic Design

Environmentally responsible design is an emerging discipline with many different labels including green design, sustainable design, sustainably-focused design, and eco design. Our method encompasses rethinking how we approach the design of physical goods (including questioning their necessity) and thoroughly researching materials, processes, and emerging technologies in order to understand their environmental footprint. This accumulated knowledge and experience guides our decisions, resulting in a smaller environmental footprint without necessitating concessions in cost or quality. Furthermore, we aim to share what we’ve learned with our peers in the industry through documentation of our projects (as demonstrated in the sustainability segments), written articles, lectures, and physical goods.



We employ a comprehensive approach to our work which extends beyond the conventionally defined roles of graphic designers. By applying design strategy to a broader scope we can ensure that dull copywriting doesn’t detract from compelling typography and that thoroughly considered web design is skillfully implemented in the web development stage. Below you’ll find a non-exhaustive list of our services.

Brand Identity

Brand Strategy

Art Direction

Logo Design

Print and Editorial

Identity Collateral


Web Design

Web Development

UX/UI Design


Environmental Graphics


Packaging Design

Riddle Solving

Tactful Low-Brow Humor

Lemur Daycare

Kickball Team Naming

Vegetarian Cooking

Amateur Origami

Bonfire Building

Campfire Construction

Slide Whistle Concertos

Daily Cat Facts

Wildlife Documentary Narration

Washboard Solos

Balloon Animals (Snakes Only)

Pancake Flipping

Hot Air Balloon Passenger


Stale/Spoiled Food Assessment

Michael Caine Impressions

Corn Maze Design

Cookie Critique



We seek to support organizations that value environmental responsibility, social responsibility, equality, and progressive ideologies that improve the world we inhabit. Particularly, we are fascinated by scientific exploration, committed to preserving wildlife habitats, enthusiastic about vegetarian/veganism, engaged in promoting and improving education, and proud allies of the LGBTQIA+ community. We’re proud members of One Percent for the Planet, an organization whose members contribute at least one percent of their annual sales to environmental causes.



Studio - Portrait

Richard Roche (left)
Richard specializes in creative direction, art direction, frontend development, and copywriting. At least 7% of his daily routine consists of hovering over elements he recently coded to make sure the animation is still rad. He is a proud three-time Pinewood Derby champion, loves hiking, poking fires with sticks, and dreams of one day photographing an arctic fox in the wild.

Jonny Black (right)
Jonny is a proficient typographer, print production specialist (he has a collection of loupes), and all-around visual wizard. He is very tall, equally sarcastic, and spends far too much time moving things around by—what most would call—imperceptible amounts. As a youngster, Jonny won an a cappella singing competition which his mom considers the peak of his music career.


Bucket List

We’re excited about every design challenge we take on, but there are a few that would result in uncontainable elation. This is our ever-growing list of unique design projects we’d love to get our hands on.

Space and Astronomy

Warning Icons on a Space Launch Safety Handbook

Postage Stamp for IPS (Interplanetary Postal Service)

Embroidered Patch for Space Mission

Anything Space Related, Really

Nature and Wildlife

Junior Ranger Program Worksheets

Business Card for Sir David Attenborough

State/National Park Wayfinding Signage

Logo for Prairie Dog Rescue Squad


Warning Diagram for Windmill

FSC Certification Trademark

Keynote presentation for Al Gore

Logo/Lockup on Bottom of Cast Iron Skillet

Charging Instructions for Portable Electric Hovercraft

Odds and Ends

A Restaurant Sign that Slowly Spins/Moves

User Manual for Cyborg Sight-Enhancing Contacts

Fake Diner Signage in a Spike Jonze Movie

Graphics for Accordion Bellows


Lectures, Workshops, and Education

We are available for lectures at design conferences, regional groups (e.g. AIGA Chapters), and universities. We place high value on design education and welcome the opportunity to share our philosophy and experience with both design students and industry veterans. Jonny and Richard have BFAs in Graphic Design from Minnesota State University, Mankato. Jonny also holds an MFA in Visual Communication (with a focus on sustainable design) from the University of Arizona. Both Jonny and Richard currently teach at the Denver Ad School, have previously taught at (and developed curriculum for) the University of Colorado Boulder, and may be interested in other long- or short-term teaching opportunities.


Featured Publications

All of the images in our portfolio are available as high resolution, print-ready files. If you represent an online or print publication, please email us and we will provide you with a link to download the files. We request that each piece is properly credited and that you send us a copy of the printed book, magazine, holiday newsletter, or newspaper for our archives.


Design to Renourish: Sustainable Graphic Design in Practice (Focal Press)

Design Elements, Using Images to Create Graphic Impact: A Graphic Style Manual (Rockport Publishing)

The 2012-13 FPO Awards Book (UnderConsideration)

Low-Tech Print: Contemporary Hand-Made Printing (Laurence King Publishing)

LogoLounge 8: 2,000 International Identities by Leading Designers (Rockport Publishers)

The Web Designer’s Idea Book, Vol. 3 (HOW Books)

Good Idea Vol. 2 (Hightone)


How — Winter 2015

Choi’s Gallery – Issue 15

Dry World (Tucson Weekly)



Website design, development, copywriting, and principal photography by Cast Iron Design.



Moral Support

Carl Sagan, Astrophysicist

Benji and Fez, Loyal Canines