Green Print Shops In Boulder

For small runs (100–1,500), digital printing is the best option. For digital we use Colt Printing and Minuteman Press. At the time of this writing, Colt Printing has a Xerox Nuvera (which is great for low cost, exceptionally high-dpi, black and white printing) and a Xerox 1000i (a full color digital press which can handle up to 130lb digital-ready stocks). Minuteman Press has a Xerox Versant which is comparable to the Xerox 1000i. All three of the aforementioned presses are considered green digital presses. When printing digital, sub-par quality control is unfortunately quite common, so we’ve learned to specify “back-cuts on all edges” in order to ensure clean and crisp trimming.

For larger runs (1,500–50,000), offset printing is the best option. For offset printing we use D&K Printing who utilize a stochastic screening platemaker (which results in super high-definition printing) and low-VOC, 70% vegetable based inks (nearly the highest possible vegetable content). No matter which printer you choose, don’t forget to specify an eco paper, discussed here and here.