Cast Iron Namesake

The timeless, efficient, and functional qualities of the cast iron skillet are characteristics we strive for in our work, and their inherent opposition to obsolescence makes them an apt metaphor for the way we operate our business. Cast iron skillets are heirloom objects, often lasting hundreds of years, passed down from generation to generation. It’s made of a singular material (iron) which is relatively simple to melt down and use to make something else. Cast iron cookware leaches healthy doses of iron into your diet, in contrast to contemporary cookware which leaches traces of carcinogenic teflon. We’re also quite fond of the connotations people have with a cast iron skillet, such as memories of grandma fryin’ up eggs and toast for breakfast, lumberjacks cooking a stack of flapjacks over an open fire, or old fashioned wives chasing their ne’er-do-well husbands out of the house.