I’m visiting Boulder, do you have any recommendations?

We really love Boulder and we happen to maintain a list of all the cool things we tell our friends/family to check out when they visit. It’s available to the public here. There are a lot of classic must-sees on the list, but it also has a few of the more hidden gems we’ve uncovered.

How did Richard grow that beard? Is he part billy goat?

Richard’s beard is actually a weave. But if he were to give advice on growing a beard, he’d say that it mostly involves good genetics and a general apathy for shaving.

Hey Jonny, you’re pretty tall, how’s the weather up there?

In earth’s atmosphere, the weather at Jonny’s height is roughly 3/1000 ºF colder than the average human standing next to him.

I also like space and nature, how can I get more into it?

You can’t go wrong with any of the BBC nature programs, especially if Sir David Attenborough is involved. We’re also into the space/physics programs done by Professor Brian Cox. Make sure you check out the Cosmos series by Carl Sagan, and/or the updated version with Neil deGrasse Tyson. Don’t forget to visit your local museums, observatories, and planetariums.

What are your favorite land, aquatic, and air animals?

RR: House Cat (black), Killer Whale, Bowerbird

JB: Domestic Mutts (specifically my dog Benji), Mantis Shrimp, Flying Fox (fruit bat)

We both think wasps are jerks.