The Birth of a New Design Studio

The Birth of a New Design Studio

Dec 2, 2010
December 2, 2010
Posted by Jonathan Black & Richard Roche

Disclaimer: this post is over a year old and may be outdated. If you find any broken links or outdated information, please leave a comment on the post.

Cast Iron Design is a graphic design studio and this is our blog. Although we’ve only recently ‘officially’ banded together, we’ve been working as a team for years on a variety of different projects, and we thought it’d be helpful to share our experiences on starting a design firm.

Every so often when we complete a project, we’ll have a detailed post with lots of information including project descriptions, process photos, challenges, solutions, early concepts, and final outcomes. We’ll post everything from the specific paper we used, to the server we chose to host a website and why.

As you may have noticed from our Studio page, we’re committed to fighting the good fight, and environmentally conscience design is a foundational part of our philosophy. We believe it’s something that needs to be considered across the board in our discipline, before it’s too late. No, we’re not going to print everything on cardboard. And no, we’re not going to post links about how much humans are destroying the earth. We take the subject seriously, but not too seriously.

What we will include is research and information we’ve found relating to the topic in terms of design and share it on this blog, hopefully to aid other designers in making responsible decisions. A “green” design studio is by no means a new idea, but by sharing all of the knowledge we accumulate we hope to be an important resource for other designers to gain valuable information.