New Site, New Work

New Site, New Work

Oct 27, 2014
October 27, 2014
Posted by Jonathan Black & Richard Roche

Disclaimer: this post is over a year old and may be outdated. If you find any broken links or outdated information, please leave a comment on the post.

We launched our new site today and, although you may not be able to tell in the image above, we’re pretty darn excited. We have been working towards the launch of this website for over 9 months, photographing our entire portfolio of work spanning the past four years (in total we shot over 5,000 photographs). We’ve kept only 3 projects from our original portfolio and added 13 new ones, so there should be plenty of new stuff to browse if you’ve ever visited our old site.


In 2012 we began to formally integrate copywriting into our practice, and for the new incarnation of the site we’ve decided to highlight this service in our portfolio. We demonstrate our copywriting proficiency in many of the project pages in addition to our Studio profile.

Environmental Responsibility

One of the unique components of the new site is the heightened focus on environmental responsibility. We wanted the bulk of our projects to serve as sustainability case studies, demonstrating our breadth and knowledge of materials and processes, but also creating a resource for other designers to learn from and emulate. We’ve done our best to be extremely thorough, but if you find any mistakes or misinformation, please let us know.

Cid Sustainability


Over the last four years we’ve carefully defined our studio’s identity. We’ve gained significant experience, expanded our capabilities, solidified our mission, and detailed our goals and aspirations. The goal for our Studio page was to provide a clear indication of who we are—both as people and as a business—and as a result, attract the type of clients that we’re most likely to see eye-to-eye with.

Our design bucket list is a new and evolving addition
Our design bucket list is a new and evolving addition

Drop Us a Line

Finally, if you find any mistakes or bugs on the site, please get in touch through any of the means listed in the site footer (or try using the Contact page—it’s pretty neat). If you’d like to help us spread the word you can share our animated announcement gif below. We’ll also gladly take as many back-patting compliments you feel inclined to send our way (but no back-handed back-patting please).

An example of a message we would not like to receive
An example of a message we would not like to receive
New Website Dance
New Website Dance

Special Thanks

We owe our gratitude to those that helped us including: Kelsey Wiseman for lending her editing skills; Ryan Trayte, Zach Fitchner, Ben Tremper, Amy Tremper, Grant Blakeman, and Jake McHargue for providing feedback; D. Scott Clark and Eric Fletcher for photography advice; Anthony Dimitre for being such a sexy beast; and Meghan Sampson for cooking so many delicious dinners. Additionally, thank you to our wonderful clients who sent and lent us objects to photograph. Last, thanks to our friends at Good Apples and Berger & Fohr for their mentorship and support.